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Is it the end of Twitter?Facebook's Threads App Aims to Rival the Platform


Facebook's newly-launched Threads app has set its sights on competing with Twitter, attracting users who are dissatisfied with recent changes to the popular social media platform. With its similarities to Twitter and a host of unique features, Threads has gained significant attention, amassing five million sign-ups within just four hours of its launch. This article explores the potential impact of Threads on Twitter's user base and delves into the reasons behind users' discontent with the platform.

Threads App Features and User Experience:

Threads enable users to share up to 500 characters posts, providing a concise format for expressing thoughts and ideas. Like Twitter, users can follow threads from people they are interested in and discover recommended content. The app also offers control features, allowing users to manage who can mention them and filter out replies containing specific words. Users have the option to unfollow, block, restrict, or report other profiles. Notably, any accounts blocked on Instagram are automatically blocked on Threads, emphasizing the close integration between the two platforms.

Comparisons to Twitter and Investor Speculation:

Although Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, highlights the app's ties to Instagram, media coverage has predominantly focused on Threads' similarities to Twitter. Some investors have even described the app as a potential "Twitter killer," suggesting that it may attract disillusioned Twitter users who are seeking an alternative. The dissatisfaction stems from recent changes on Twitter, including the introduction of limitations on the number of tweets users can see per day and the upcoming paywall for TweetDeck, a popular user dashboard. These developments have been met with public criticism, citing concerns over CEO Elon Musk's erratic behavior and political views.

Regulatory Challenges and Market Expansion:

Threads has faced hurdles in its global rollout, particularly in the European Union (EU). Due to regulatory uncertainties, primarily surrounding the EU's Digital Markets Act, the app is not initially launching in the EU market. The act imposes rules on data sharing between platforms owned by large companies like Meta. As Threads and Instagram rely on data sharing, this aspect has become a significant concern. However, Meta is actively exploring options to bring Threads to the EU, indicating their commitment to expanding its reach despite the challenges.

Data Privacy and Meta's Stance:

Meta maintains that protecting user privacy is fundamental to its business. While the sharing of data between Threads and Instagram is a part of the regulatory issue, the company stresses its dedication to safeguarding user information. As discussions around data privacy and digital regulations continue, Meta aims to navigate the complexities and comply with the applicable laws to ensure a secure user experience.


With its launch, Facebook's Threads app has emerged as a potential contender in the social media landscape, setting its sights on rivaling Twitter. The app's similarities to Twitter and user dissatisfaction over recent platform changes have led to speculation about its potential impact. While regulatory challenges have temporarily restricted Threads' availability in the EU, Meta remains committed to expanding its market reach. As the competition between social media platforms intensifies, the future of Twitter and the wider social media landscape may undergo significant transformations.

Article by Ankit Malviya

Founder & CEO Audicate


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