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Audicate is an  Ed-Tech firm wherein we are converting all the textbooks written for CBSE, NCERT, IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC, SSC-CGL, EPFO-UPSC, Law, Engineering and many more in audio formats.   These audio files will be hosted and organized on our app and students will be able to listen to these books as they please. 

Audicate is committed to provide free lifetime access to Visually Impaired Students!

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We at Audicate believe, that this will change the way students study. And for now there is no such organization who is doing a similar job which we are gearing up for. At our app you will find Audiobooks for NCERT, Audiobooks for IIT-JEE, Audiobooks for NEET, Audiobooks for UPSC, Audiobooks for CLAT, Audiobooks for Engineering and many more.

We at Audicate are dedicated to provide quality Audiobooks for every educational book ever written in India.

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Audicate for Visually Impaired

Audicate will empower blind students to study with ease. With Audiobooks of NCERT, Audiobooks of NEET, Audiobooks of UPSC, Audiobooks of CLAT and many more. Students will be easily get abled to listen to there course content with ease of access. 

Boon for Visually Impaired 

Audicate - Listen and Learn

With our Audiobooks students will be able to learn with ease, no matter where they are. Our In app Audiobooks will enable students to carry all there syllabus in there pockets. From Audiobooks for Physics, Audiobooks for Chemistry, Audiobooks for Biology will be with you all the time where you go. 

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Audicate made revision easy

Be it a Scholar or Last bencher or Student who prefer studying at last minute of the examination- Our In app Audiobooks will serve all. We are providing end to end chapters and there solutions via our Audiobooks. So even at the last minute just open the app and listen to the entire subject solutions in minutes time. 

Revision made easy

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